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  • Jan

    Nutshell Office Productions, Inc. has relocated its principal place of business from Miami, Florida to Tallahassee, Florida. We are happy to announce that there has been no interruption in our fine service.

  • Jan

    Some of the changes we have added: a spell checker, the ability to add several template documents to one final merged document, to add headers and footers to template documents and an attorney database has been added.

  • Jan

    The 2006 tax table for use in conjunction with the Child Support Guideline Worksheet is available.

Why choose us?

Nutshell Office Productions, Inc. is a software production organization which is geared to the legal profession.

The first of our products is Nutshell Mediation Office. The program was designed by an attorney with thirty-five years of experience in various areas of the law, who is a mediator certified in Florida to practice all fields of mediation and has mediated hundreds of cases. The programmer who created the runtime program is an experienced Visual Basic programmer who teaches the program at the collegiate level.

Recent work

  • Nutshell 2011
    has been completely updated so that it complies with all changes in the law of Florida. It has been partially redesigned to be more user friendly.

Clients saying

Nutshell is helpful in setting case and writing agreements-
it has all you need for all kinds of cases. All you have to do is check the boxes
and it generates the doecuments which is much quicker than cutting and pasting and originally typing the documents.

- Susan Marvin