Mediation Services in all areas of Florida Mediation

Supreme Court Certified Mediator in the following areas:

  • Appellate
    • County
    • Circuit Civil
  • Dependency
  • Family
  • Arbitration
    • Qualified (Certificated) in Arbitration in the State of Florida
  • Trainings
    • Primary Trainer: Dependency conducting annual Dependency Certification Trainings
    • Secondary (Assistant) Trainer: Circuit Civil, Family, Dependency, County
    • Trainer for Continuing Mediation Education
    • Qualified Trainer for Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediators
  • Specialized Training Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation
    • Negotiation
    • Neutral Evaluation


Dependency Mediation Certification Training

We offer training at various times throughout the year. Please check back frequently for dates and times.

Software production

Authored, developed and distributed Nutshell Office Production Incorporated's Nutshell Mediation Office which produces all the forms necessary and desirable to conduct all certifications of mediation in Florida.

Nutshell Office Productions, Inc. is a software production organization which is geared to the legal profession. The first of our products is Nutshell Mediation Office. The program was designed by an attorney with thirty-five years of experience in various areas of the law, who is a mediator certified in Florida to practice all fields of mediation and has mediated hundreds of cases. The programmer who created the runtime program is an experienced Visual Basic programmer who teaches the program at the collegiate level.

This powerful mediation software is designed to speed you through the rigors of producing all documents necessary and desirable for a successful mediation. It contains separate forms for Family, Dependency, Circuit Civil and County Cases. It is a stand alone product and does not require a word processor or data base to operate; it includes its own word processor and data base. The only requirement to run it is Windows 95 or higher and above and a reasonably fast computer; the faster the computer, the faster the merge process.